2019 Scott Hilse - Simplified Shopify Dropshipping 3.0

01-simplified shopify _ members area.pdf
01-Steph One-One Product Store $1600day Template.MP4
03-Buying _ Connecting Domain.mp4
04-Setting up Facebook Page.mp4
05-Business Ad Account + Pixel Setup.mp4
06-Product Research.MP4
07-Importing Your Product.mp4
08-Testing Your Orders and Pixel.mp4
10-Getting Tons Of Free Page Likes In Seconds.MP4
11-Understand This Before Starting FB Ads.mp4
12-Launching Your First Facebook Ad Method #1.mp4
13-Launching Your First Facebook Ad Method #2.mp4
14-Getting Tons of Page Likes From Ads.MP4
15-Order Fulfillment.mp4
17-simplified shopify _ members area.pdf
17-When To Form an LLC.mp4
18-When and How to Outsource.mp4
19-From 100 To 10,000+ Orders- Advanced Fb Ads Strategy (La As).mp4
19-simplified shopify _ members area.pdf
20-Manual Bidding.mp4
21-Converting To A Niche Store.MP4
22-When _ How To Sell Your Store.MP4
23-Obtaining Clients (Extra Passive Income!).mp4
25-Multiple Product Method.MP4
26-Managing Online Reputation.mp4
27-Sam Walton_s Price_Steve Jobs Method.mp4
28-Free Targeted Traffic.MP4

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