2019 Sebastian Ghiorghiu - EcomAlphas

01-[Week 1] ~ Introduction - Meet your teachers! All Our Experience, Patience, and Hard Work At Your Disposal
02-[Week 2] ~ Finding GOLDEN Products With HUGE Scale Potential Before They Even Trend
03-[Week 3] - ADS! You Will Be A Pro After This
04-[Week 4] - Creating A Perfect Store Leaving The Fluff Behind + Focusing On What SELLS
05-[Week 5] ~ Your Complete Guide To Instagram - The Unfair Advantages To Instagram Marketing
06-[Week 6] ~ Understanding Facebook Before Using Its Platform (MUST WATCH)
07-[Week 7] ~ The In Depth Anatomy Of Facebook Testing - Spider Web Strategy
08-[Week 9] ~ A Hand Held Walkthrough Of Our Previous Personal Stores
09-[Week 11] - Documents, Tricks, Done For You PDF_s, and Anything Else You May Need To Succeed

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